Mac Set Up

Setup starts with helping you buy the right Mac. Our advice will save you time and money.

Once your Mac arrives, we follow a thorough migration, optimization, and testing process.

We come to your home or business and are available 7 days a week.

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Setting Up MacBook Air

iPhone Setup

Apple release a new iPhone every year and, at any one time, there are at least eight different models available in the Apple Store.

So… how do you know which one to buy?

Call us, and we’ll help you pick the right iPhone. When it arrives we’ll come to your home and do a complete setup.

iPhone Used Too Take Picture at Restaurant


Our iPad setup process is geared to help you get the most out of your new device.

We configure all the basic Apple Apps, setup streaming services, and introduce you to the best Apps for news, magazines, books, comics, sketching and more.

Toddler with iPad

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV offers over 40 streaming channels, 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and more.

We come to your home, install Apple TV, optimize picture and sound, and set up streaming services.

Apple TV set up includes a tutorial to ensure you understand settings, TV apps, and the amazing new Apple TV remote.

A professional Apple TV installation means you can stop worrying about HDMI cables and wi-fi connections, and start enjoying new content.

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Apple TV 4K with remote


Are you experiencing strange printer problems? Maybe your printer has stopped working, refuses to scan, or prints lines on every page.

We can fix these printer issues.

In the unfortunate event that your printer is dead, you’ll need to know “What’s the best printer to buy?”

The answer is simple. The printer you don’t have to research or install!

Epson ET-4850

Our onsite printer service includes printer recommendation, unboxing, installation, testing, and instruction on how your new printer works. Call now for home or remote printer support.

WI-FI Network

We can upgrade your current network or install a brand new one. Our goal is to get you the best signal at the cheapest price.

We offer complete home wi-fi network setup service in Los Angeles and we’re available 7 days a week.

Internet problems?

We examine your current Wi-Fi setup to see if the problem with your internet can be solved by changing your provider, speed, or equipment.

Eero Pro Max

If you need a new network, we install Eero Pro MESH technology to provide a strong, stable signal.

Call now to get analysis, recommendations, and installation of fast wi-fi in your home.

Setup Tips For Apple Devices

Smart Buying

Knowing when to buy is based on two factors: Apple’s product cycle and the latest Apple news. You’ll find both on sites like ‘Apple Insider‘ and ‘Mac Rumors‘. A little research can save money and help you avoid regret.

Consider Buying Online

Apple stores carry limited configurations of any iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. Online purchasing lets you customize the processor, amount of Unified Memory, storage size, trackpad, mouse, and keyboard.

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Always Buy AppleCare+

Apple’s warranty is worth it. It’s unlikely you’ll need it, but if things do go wrong, repairs can be expensive.

Keep The Box

If you ever have to bring your Mac back to the Apple store you’ll be happy to have something safe to carry it in.

Have Patience

If you plan on getting help with your new Mac, don’t take it out of the box. If you start the set up before we arrive, it will actually delay the entire process.

Check Software

Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Final Draft should be de-activated or signed out before you try to activate them on your new computer.

Smart Migration

Work from a Time Machine backup when you migrate. The latest drives with USB-C connections can speed the process enormously.

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Relax. We’re Almost There.

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