Notes provides a quick place to store information that can be synced across Macs and iOS devices.

In macOS Sierra you can now password protect individual notes.

You may have notes containing medical information, business ideas, outrageous life goals, embarrassing daily affirmations or really bad poetry that you don’t want anyone to see.

If you keep your passwords in Contacts or in a document on the desktop… you now have a perfect opportunity to move them to Notes where they will be safe and easily accessible.

I’ve Never Even Heard Of Notes

Notes is an App that comes with every Mac. Like a notebook, it’s a place to jot down information you want to remember.

If you’ve never used Notes, check out What Are Notes… And Why Would You Use Them. It’s an old post, but provides the information you need to get started.

How Do I Password Protect Notes?.

  • Open the Notes app.
  • Make sure the sidebar is visible so that you have access to all your notes. If you can’t see it, click the sidebar toggle button or go to View in the toolbar menu and select Show Folders.
  • Select a note that you want to password protect.
  • Click the Lock icon in the toolbar.
Protect Note
  • Choose the option to Lock This Note.
Lock This Note
  • Create a password, confirm it and enter a hint. Remember to write it down. If you don’t, you will forget it.

You may be presented with a window – About locked notes – Choose Close All Locked Notes from the Lock tool to hide the contents of your locked notes. The notes also lock with inactivity. Click OK. Locked notes now have a small lock icon next to their title and a time stamp showing when they were locked.


To open the note, enter the password. On the new MacBook Pros you can also unlock a note using your fingerprint.

To re-lock the note, simply click on the Lock icon in the toolbar and select Close All Notes.

At present, either all notes are locked or unlocked. You can’t just lock or unlock a single note.

 If you want to remove a lock, click on the note, then choose the Note icon in the toolbar and select Remove Note.

How To Be Super Secret

Notes take their title from the first line in the note. This title is visible even if the note is locked.

So… if your hiding a list of extra-marital partners… title it something like “Ideas for Holiday gifts.” Now the list looks innocuous and has a reason to be locked.

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