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Apr 7, 2020 | Apple macOS Hardware, Killer Secrets

I get many support calls asking about printers.

What’s the best one? Will it print photos? How expensive is the ink?

The answer lies in an honest analysis of what you will use it for.

Believe it or not, owning two printers can be cheaper than owning one.

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The best example of this involved the needs of a client who is a screenwriter.

He needed advice on choosing a color printer that scanned, faxed and wasn’t too expensive.

A quick discussion determined that as a writer he prints hundreds and hundreds of pages of text.

Printing on a color multi-function inkjet printer with heavy reliance on the black cartridge is both slow and expensive.

The smart solution to this problem is to buy 2 printers:

  • A low-cost laser printer that will only be used for black and white printing. Laser printers are substantially faster than their color inkjet counterparts and a single toner cartridge will produce thousands of pages of sharp text.
  • A low-cost color multi-function printer that is only used for printing color and it’s scanning/faxing capabilities. In terms of useful output, inkjet refills are far more expensive than laser toner cartridges.

Consider carefully what you will print before you buy.

If you print extensive reports in black and white and your children like to use the printer for homework requiring the odd color picture or bar chart, the 2 printer solution could save you money.

On the other hand, if you would like to print photos . . . but honestly know you will never get around to it . . . get a black and white laser printer.

With the workload distributed between 2 printers, they will also last longer.

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