Everyone Uses Copy and Paste

And most folks do it by:

  1. Highlighting a word
  2. Clicking the Edit Menu
  3. Selecting Copy
  4. Putting the cursor in the selected paste location.
  5. Clicking the Edit Menu.
  6. Selecting Paste

Nothing wrong with this. Very proper. Very safe… but six steps to perform an action you probably do dozens of times a day? Didn’t anyone mention we have a limited amount of time on the planet and life is precious and all that.

Copy and Paste is two keystrokes:

Command C to Copy.

Highlight the word, then hold down the Command key and hit the C Key to copy

Command V to Paste

Click the cursor where you want to paste, then hold down the Command key and hit the V Key to paste.

It doesn’t get any easier.

Apple Magic Keyboard

You can break the habit of going to the Edit menu. This will set you free. It’s something you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

Have a good week.


John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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