Recovered PaintingOften, I come across photos or graphics on the web that I want to send to friends.

Sharing an entire web page is pretty straightforward. It’s covered in the post – Core Mac Concepts – How To Email Links & Pages From Safari

What if you just want to grab a single photo?

  • Hover your cursor over the image.
  • Right click or hold down the Control key and click –  a menu appears.
World War Z
  • The menu options will vary depending of the type of web page you are on. Typical choices include:
    • Open Image in New Window
    • Open Image in New Tab
    • Save Image to “Downloads” – Saves the image to your downloads folder. Double click the saved image to open in Preview.
    • Save Image As… – Save the image in a place you specify.
    • Add Image to iPhoto Library
    • Use Image as Desktop Picture
    • Copy Image Address – Copies the url (web address) of the image.
    • Copy Image – Copies the image. After copying, you can paste the image wherever you want.
  • Select the option that best suits your needs. That’s it.

If you get a menu with none of these options, you’re right-clicking on a non-image file.

If you still want the picture, you can always save a screenshot to the Desktop by pressing Command Shift 3.

I generally Save Images to “Downloads”, because I like to edit them later in Preview. You can learn more about editing images in Preview in these two posts:

Preview – The Fastest Way To Crop An Image on Your Mac and How To… Mark-Up A PDF Or Image Using Preview

Thanks to Janet Lawton for suggesting this post.

If you have questions, please use the Comments section below.

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