How To Save On A Mac

May 19, 2020 | Apple macOS

Saving on a Mac is a daunting task if you don’t understand how it works.

When I provide home support, clients tell me they have no idea where files* are going. They may as well  be dropping them into a deep dark well with no idea how they’ll ever find them again.

* files refers to documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, etc.

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Keep It Simple?

We are going to look at the basic steps needed to save a file. It’s a simple method that covers most situations.

There are many more options I could discuss, but that . . .  is for another day.

How To Save A File

When you first save a file use the following steps:

• Click File in the toolbar and choose ‘Save As . . .”

• In most cases you will be shown a dialog box that looks like this:

Basic Save As Dialog Box

• Click ‘Where’ and you are offered a small number of save locations.

Expanded Save As Dialog Box

• This is compressed Save box with limited save locations to help users save time.

• To expand the options, click the down arrow.

Basic Save As Dialog Box Expander

• The full save dialog box opens and you can now save anywhere on the Mac.

Full Save Dialog Box

• Here I am going to save my file under Bills > DMV > 2012

• Last, don’t forget to go to the Save As box at the top and give you file a name.

That’s it. Have great week.


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