Apple announced the release of the iPhone 15 yesterday. The new phone goes on sale on Friday, September 15th at 5:00am PDT.

You can set up your purchase in advance on the Apple Store online or using the Apple Store App on your iPhone or iPad. You will still need to finalize the purchase on September 15th.

The iPhone 15 ships on September 22nd.

iPhone 15 Options

Type – iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro, or iPhone Pro Max.

Storage – 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB (options depend on model).

iPhone and iPhone Plus Color – Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue or Black.

iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max Color – Black, White, Blue, or Natural Titanium.

Trade-In – Do you want to trade in an old iPhone?

Payment – Pay in full, pay with the Apple Card at zero percent interest over 24 months, pay using the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, or finance through your carrier.

Carrier – AT&T, Verizon, or TMobile.

Applecare – Applecare+, or  Applecare+ with Theft. Billed monthly until canceled or pay for a fixed period of 2 years.

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Features

    iPhone 15 ships with iOS 17. Click to check the new features of iOS17.

      Apple-iPhone-15-USB 3

      Check out the iPhone 15 on Apple’s website.

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