Some Mac Messages You Shouldn’t Ignore

The Mac hard drive stores all your videos, photos, documents, etc. As time passes it begins to fill up. When available free space drops below 15 to 20% you’ll start to have speed and usability problems.

If you ignore the message, the Mac will continue to warn you about storage issues until you completely fill up the drive.

Most people don’t call me until their drive is almost full and their computer slows to a crawl. It’s rarely too late to resolve the issue, but the longer you leave it the harder it gets.

Freeing Up Space On Your Mac

Before you start erasing files on your Mac make sure you have made a recent Time Machine Backup.

Do not delete any System files or any files that you do not recognise. Deletion of these files could stop your computer from functioning properly

  • In Photos, delete any videos you do not need. Remember that iCloud Photos and Videos are deleted from all devices, so be careful :).
  • In iTunes/Finder look for old iPhone and iPad backups that can be safely deleted.
  • In iTunes delete any Movies and TV Shows that you no longer need on the Mac.
  • Only delete emails that have large attachments. Don’t bother deleting regular email. This won’t save you much space.
  • Use the free App Omnidisksweeper for Mac to determine where space is being used. Be careful, the delete option in this program is final.

A cleanup can be pretty overwhelming.

If you need help, give us a call at (310) 621-5679 or use the Contact Form below.

We resolve these computer storage problems several times a week and most can be fixed within an hour.

Go to our main Mac Support page here.

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