What Is Live Text?

iOS 15 arrives this fall for iPhone and iPad users. One of the truly stand out new features is Live Text.

Using the Camera or Photos App, Live Text recognizes handwritten and typed text on real-world items like whiteboards, street signs, marquees, etc. In Safari, you can even pull text directly off images you find on the web.

Here are some practical applications:

  • Snap a photo that contains any kind of text and it can be copied and pasted into notes, messages and emails to be stored or shared with others.
  • Tap an image of a phone number to call it.
  • Highlight and tap a picture of a restaurant sign to immediately get information, reviews, and map data.
  • Look up information on photos of art, books, nature, pets, and landmarks. e.g; the breed of a dog, name of a flower, review of a book, etc,.,
Apple Live Text Examples on iPhone

Does It Work In Other Languages?

Live Text understands seven languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish… and translates them.

So… no more confusion over street signs when you’re wandering around Beijing.

Click to watch the Apple demo

What About The Mac?

Apple’s next operating system macOS Monterey will include Live Text recognition in the Photos App 🙂

Read about another great feature on coming this fall – iCloud Plus – Online Privacy Arrives This Fall

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