macOS Ventura arrives this fall with some great new features.

As soon as it is available we will be upgrading clients in Los Angeles.

macOS Ventura Features

  • Stage Manager – Automatically organizes Apps and windows into tiles on the left-hand side of the screen so you can maintain focus while multitasking. Switch between windows with a single click.
macOS Ventura Stage Manager
  • Mail – Improved Search, Schedule an Email, Undo Send, Mark for Follow Up, and ability to use Rich Text Links.
  • Messages – Edit a message that’s been sent. Unsend a message. Enjoy SharePlay while chatting in messages. Share notes, presentations, reminders, and tab groups. See updates on shared projects.
  • Continuity Camera – Bring the iPhone near your Mac and it switches to become your webcam. Better quality picture and a choice of lens. Studio light and portrait mode. Center Stage uses the wide-angle lens to keep you centered even if you move around. Desk View mimics an overhead camera showing your desk and your face at the same time.
macOS Ventura Continuity Camera
  • Passkey – A new sign-in method that uses end-to-end encryption. Works on non-Apple devices. The first step to getting rid of passwords and two-factor authentication.
  • Spotlight – Enhanced Image Search in Photos, Messages, Notes, Finder, and the web. View large, scrollable previews of your files in Quick Look by pressing the Space bar. Use Spotlight to quickly set alarms and timers.
  • New Apps – Expanded Weather and Clock App with the kind of detailed information you get on the iPhone.
  • Safari – Shared Tab Groups lets you share websites with friends and family. Users can add tabs to the group. Great for planning trips
macOS Ventura Safari Tab Groups
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library – Share photos and videos with up to five people. Set what you will share manually or using filters. Edits and changes sync everywhere.
  • Rapid Security Response – Installs security updates without a system update. Does not even require a reboot.

Check out Apple’s macOS Ventura preview.

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