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Sep 30, 2020 | Apple Mac Software, Apple Tips & Tricks

Many Mac users are surprised to find their computer is not backed up on the iCloud.

You can read more here and get a hard drive recommendation – Exactly What Gets Backed Up To The iCloud?

A backup drive is the best solution for almost all eventualities.

However . . .  you could still lose everything if you are unlucky enough to experience a fire, flood or break in by meth addicts who steal everything.

The only solution to this problem is an online backup. There are several companies who provide this service including Carbonite, Dropbox and BackBlaze.


Based on personal experience, I’m not a huge fan of Carbonite or Dropbox.

I was introduced to BackBlaze several years ago and it’s the only system I now use. I’ve installed it on dozens of machines and used it to recover data multiple times.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Data is stored offsite at a secure location.
  • Data is encrypted.
  • Backups can be kept for up to one year.
  • Restored data can be accessed from any Mac.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Does not back up system files.

If your Mac fails, a Time Machine backup can transfer your user account to a new Mac.

BackBlaze doesn’t backup system files, so it cannot recreate your user account on a new Mac. It only backs up all your data files: documents, spreadsheets, photos, etc.

Generally, all online backup providers do not backup system files, because:

  • They contain massive amounts of data.
  • It would slow the backup process to a crawl.
  • A full system restore could take days.
  • Network problems could turn a full system restore into a mess.

This is the reason Apple can backup your iPhone on the iCloud, but don’t offer the same service for your Mac.

BackBlaze is free for a 15-day trial, then costs $6 a month with special pricing for a year or two year options.

If you need help with backups or any other Mac problems, call us at (310) 621-5679.

Full disclosure: I am a BackBlaze affiliate.  I’m happy to recommend a product I use and believe in.

Have a nice week 🙂

John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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