I’ve been using the new iPad Pro for almost three weeks now and although my experience has been a good one, it isn’t without a few reservations.

The 2024 iPad – Pros

  • The screen is twice as bright as my old iPad Air. This produces clean, sharp text that makes news, documents, and novels much easier to read.
  • The 11″ iPad Pro is easier to hold for extended periods in one hand. The 13″ eventually requires two hands or is best kept in your lap.
  • The 11″ is the perfect size and weight for travel. It’s even thinner than the previous model.
  • The new iPads have more battery life than the previous generation and they’re quick to recharge through USB-C.
  • Getting data onto the iPad has always been difficult, but with USB-C you can simply plug in an SSD drive and use the Files App to copy over any content you want.
  • The iPad Pro can easily be connected to an external display in mirror or extended mode.

If you’d like more information on the iPad Pro technical specifications, check out the post – New iPads Arrive With Stunning OLED Screens

iPad Pro with Keypad - Black

The 2024 iPad – Cons

  • I initially considered the 13″ Pro. It is the thinnest product that Apple has ever made. Unfortunately, it’s still too heavy for everyday use.
  • I bought the Apple Pencil Pro hoping I could use an App called Good Notes, to jot down daily tasks. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to write on a glass surface. It’s not the Pencil’s fault that I produce squiggles instead of coherent text, but be warned.
  • Once you spec out your new iPad Pro the total cost will probably exceed $1,000. With the Apple Card, you can pay over  12 months interest-free. The alternative is to go with the iPad Air. It’s an excellent product but lacks the most compelling features of the Pro.
iPad Air Deck

Questions You Should Ask

  • Will You Use It? – You may have an iPhone and a MacBook, so the question arises ‘Do you need it?’
  • Which Size Is Best? – The iPad Pro comes in 11 or 13 inches. Go to the store and play with them. It’s the only way to understand their relative size, weight, and usability.
  • Do You Need Cellular?:  – All iPads have wi-fi to connect to your home network or the one at the local coffee shop. Once you leave these behind, you’ll need cellular to stay connected to the internet. Adding cellular to an iPad increases the price and you’ll need to sign up for a carrier plan. Base your decision on where you plan to use the iPad. Remember, any iPad can be tethered to the hotspot on an iPhone to give you internet access.
  • How Much Storage Do You Need?:  If you are upgrading from an old iPad, look at how much storage you used. This is a good indication of how much space you’ll need. When in doubt, buy more storage.
  • Is Apple Care Worth It?: If you tend to drop things, immerse them in water, or hand them to small children, AppleCare is vital. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive, so I personally prefer to roll the dice, and hope for the best. 
Apple Pencil Pro - Canvas


If you’ve been waiting to buy a new iPad, or are considering one for the first time, the iPad Pro is as good as it gets. If you use the checklist above, you can’t go wrong.

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