StandBy is a new mode in iOS 17 that displays large widgets and clocks that can be easily read from a distance with a quick glance.

What Is StandBy On The iPhone?

StandBy mode activates when:

– StandBy is turned on (see instructions below).
– The iPhone is charging.
– The iPhone is on it’s side – preferably on a stand.

Swipe left-to-right swipe between 3 pages.

Widgets – Displays two widget stacks side-by-side. Widgets include Calendar, Reminders, Weather, Battery, Music Player, News, Podcasts, Timers, and many more from third-party developers. Widgets can be customized and new ones added from the library. All are fully interactive and allow immediate access to the full-size App.

StandBy-Clock and Calender Widgets

Photos – Displays slideshows from photo albums you choose or a selection created by the iPhone. This mode also shows the time and date.


Clocks – Large clock faces that can be seen from across the room. There are several to choose from, including some with a distinct ’70s vibe.


Turn off the lights and the clock switches to Night Mode; The screen dims and displays in a red tint making it less intrusive while you sleep.

iPhone Playing Aurora

What Do I Need To Use StandBy On The iPhone?

You need 4 things:

  1. An iPhone running iOS 17.
  2. An Apple MagSafe Charger.
  3. A USB-C plug. You probably have one, but if not they are relatively cheap.
  4. A stand for the iPhone. I recommend the Elago M1 charging stand (see below). 
Elago Blue iPhone StandBy

How Do I Set Up StandBy On The iPhone?

First, you need to check the StandBy settings on your iPhone:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap StandBy.
  3. Turn StandBy on.

There are other options here:

Always On – Turns the display off when it is not in use.

Night Mode – Dims the display and gives it a red tint.

Motion To Wake – Display turns back on when the phone senses motion.

Show Notifications – Shows all notifications. Even with this turned off, critical notifications will be shown.

Show Preview On Tap Only – Hides the preview of a Notification until you tap on it.

Where Do I Get That Snazzy Apple iPhone Stand?

There are dozens of stands you can get for the iPhone. I like the Elago because, it’s cheap, stylish, and it’s built for StandBy mode.

The Elago stand is available on Amazon and comes in four colors: black, jean indigo, sand pink, and stone.

Setting up the stand is easy:

  1. Thread the MagSafe cable through the stand.
  2. Plug the MagSafe cable into a USB-C plug.

The MagSafe is magnetic, so all you need to do is place the iPhone horizontally on the stand and it snaps into place.

If you’re curious about other new features, check out iOS 17 – Top 10 New Features.

The links above are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you click and buy an item, I earn a few cents… and you can sleep easy knowing you helped feed me 🙂

Have a great week.

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