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Dec 19, 2019 | Apple iOS Hardware, Apple Tips & Tricks

With the 11 and 11 Pro Apple finally shipped iPhones with high powered adapters and cables.

If you own an older iPhone you’re probably using the anemic 5W or 12W USB power adapter and lightning cable that came with it.

Charging takes forever.

Can I Super Charge An Older iPhone

With the right equipment the answer is . . .  Yes.

You need an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max or XR.

Older iPhones may be able to use a high power wall charger, but I’ve run no tests so . . . you may burn your house down

You need to buy one of the following:

Dozens of manufacturers make these products. These links go to the Amazon products I’ve bought and tested.


3.0 18W USB Wall Charger for iPhone

What Do I Do?

The first option is very simple.

Plug the 3.0 18W USB wall charger into an electrical outlet and connect it to your device with a standard lightning cable.

That’s it . . . your supercharging.

The second option . . . that’s where the magic happens.

Wireless Charging

The iPhones listed above are capable of wireless charging using Qi-certified chargers.

Using the Yootech Wireless Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad is simple and incredibly convenient.

Yootech Wireless Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

Plug the 3.0 18W USB wall charger, into an electrical outlet and connect it to the Yootech Charging Pad.

Place your iPhone on the pad. The pad momentarily illuminates green to indicate it recognizes a device . . . and you’re done.

I can charge my iPhone with a case on. You may also be able to . . .  but make sure your case has no magnets as this form of charging uses magnetic induction. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound safe.

Apple provide excellent safety tips on the page –  How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later

The 3.0 18W USB wall charger is $8.99 and the Yootech Charging Pad a mere $13.99.

A terrific stocking stuffer . . . if you do that kind of thing.

And if you don’t do that kind of thing, why not . . .

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