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Nov 14, 2019 | Apple macOS, Apple macOS Hardware, Apple Tips & Tricks

Most of us are familiar with screenshots.

Command Shift 3 takes a picture of the entire screen, but . . . what if you’re on a long web page that extends way beyond the bottom of the screen and you’d like to get a picture of the whole thing?

You could scroll down the screen taking a series of screenshots . . . or you could use a free App call Paparazzi and take a single picture of the entire webpage.

Where Do I Get This Amazing App?

  • Download Paparazzi. Make sure you get the right version for your macOS.
  • Click on the Finder and go to to the Downloads folder.
  • Locate the Paparazzi.dmg file in your Downloads folder.
  • Double click the .dmg file. It opens to reveal the Paparazzi App.
  • Drag the Paparazzi App into your Applications folder.

Holy Moly . . . What Next?

Double click the Paparazzi App to open it:

A security message states “Paparazzi” is unable to read the Safari bookmarks file.

Basically the App is asking for access to your files. Dealing with this request is a lot easier than it looks.

  • If you are freaking out, just click “Later” 

If you feel like following a few simple instructions:

  • Choose “Open Security and Privacy”. This opens System Preferences. Click the lock in the bottom left-hand corner and input your Mac password to open it. In the left column scroll down and click Full Disk Access. In the right column scroll down to Paparazzi and check the checkbox. Quit the Paparazzi App per the prompt. That’s it.

Using Paparazzi

Open your favorite browser.

Go to a long web page.

In this example I’m using because it is very long and I am a shameless self promoter.

Once the page loads, open Paparazzi.

In Paparazzi click on the File menu.

Choose Capture URL from . . . and select the listed webpage.

Paparazzi will start to capture the webpage with progress shown in a blue bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once completed, choose File >Save Image . . .

Choose the file type you want e.g; JPEG, PDF, etc and the loacation you want the file saved.

Now . . . you can go and open the file and marvel at how long it is!!!

An Example Of This Awesomeness

The image below is approx. 5 times the length of 12″ Macbook Pro screen.

It has been shrunk 50% to fit on this page

Once you take your Paparazzi screenshot, you can open it in Preview and use the markup tools to amend or cut out the piece you need. Information on using Preview’s markup tools can be found under Preview – The Fastest Way To Crop An Image on Your Mac and How To… Mark-Up A PDF Using Preview.


Happy screenshotting. Have a good week.


Super long screenshot using Paparazzi on Website Image
John Carroll - No Problem Mac

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