You may find there are times when it’s useful to print a list of the files within a specific folder on your Mac.

It’s a good way to share a catalog of documents, images, clips, or even fonts.

First, place your printer on the dock:

  • Go to the black Apple in the top-left hand corner and select System Preferences.
  • Choose the Print & Scan tab.
Apple Print and Scan Preferences
  • Click the Open Print Queue button. The Print Queue box will open and the printer icon will show up on the dock.
Apple Print Queue
  • Click and hold down the mouse button on the printer icon in the dock. A menu pops up.
  • Choose Options and Keep In Dock.
Apple Dock Options
  • Close the Print Queue box and close System Preferences.
  • The printer icon should remain on the dock.
  • You are ready to print the contents of a folder:
  • Go to the Finder.
  • Select any folder. Click and drag it onto the printer icon in the dock.
Drag to Print Apple Folder
  • The printer icon bounces and a print dialog box opens with a preview of the folder content list.
Apple Print Options
  • You can print this document or save it as a PDF file.
Printed PDF File

The printout shows the file name, size and the date and time the file was last opened.

It will also list several files that are not visible to users. This is normal.

If you need to edit the data:

  • Save the folder content list as a PDF.
  • Double-click the PDF. It opens in Preview.
  • Click and drag to select all of the text. Use the shortcut Command C for copy.
  • Open TextEdit
  • Paste the text into a new TextEdit window. Use the shortcut Command V for paste.
  • You can now edit the text and save this document as a txt file or a PDF.

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