The Best Kept Secret In Home Theater

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Home Theater

There’s never been a better time to remove your money from the bank, convert it to gold and bury it in your back garden.

I’d like to suggest a second option…

Emotiva is currently selling a pair of T-Zero speakers for the amazing price of $399.00.

Forget paying the mortgage or feeding the children, this is where your money needs to go.

How Do They Sound

In a word, fantastic. The Airmotiv T-Zeros are:

Powerful – You can crank up the volume without creating any distortion. In fact the louder the Zeros get the better they sound.

Clear – They were able to reveal details I had never heard before.

Seperation – Instruments and voice(s) are distinct; one never overpowers the other.

Wide – The imaging is expansive. It’s very hard to believe you’re listening to just two speakers.

Small – These are relatively small measuring 38-1/8” high x 8-9/16” wide x 10-1/2” deep. They’re a lot smaller than they look in the photographs.


If you like a little more bass or are considering home theater, I highly recommend the RSL Speedwoofer 10S.

The speakers are rated at 4 ohms, but you don’t need a very powerful amp. My UPA-700 is rated at 80 watts into 8 ohms and 100 watts into 4 ohms, and I had no problems.

Check out Steve Guttenberg’s review of the T-Zeros on You Tube.

Home Theater

I added an Emotiva Airmotiv C+ center speaker to the T-Zeros to get  a perfectly matched front section. I have 4 B&W Solids for the rears.

I listened to 4K blu rays with either Dolby Digital True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio tracks: BlackHawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Blade Runner – The Original, Blade Runner 2049 , Fury, Max Max Fury Road and many more including the latest streaming trailers for ‘The Batman’ and ‘Dune’.

It helps when you’re projecting on a 120″ screen . . . and I hope to cover that shortly.


The result was pure glee.

Dialogue, clarity, soundstage. . .  Everything sounded better than I expected.

Helicopter rotors sliced the air, tank shells whistled past, engines roared as vehicles crushed everything in their path . . . yet I didn’t miss a single line of dialogue.

I am retiring speakers I’ve loved for 30 years to move to the T-Zeroes and I couldn’t be happier. They sound as good as or better than speakers twice the price.

A Small Amount Of Technical Detail


The T-Zero is a ground standing speaker that features:

  • A folded ribbon high-frequency tweeter that delivers low distortion, amazing transparency, and uncanny imaging.
  • Two 5-1/4” mid-woofer drivers with the same crossover point with the upper driver optimized for critical midrange frequencies and the lower driver optimized for low frequency response.

If you want more info – Emotiva Airmotiv T-Zero.

Final Thoughts

I’ve lived with these speakers for almost a year and I have to say it’s been the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in. No heartache. No disappointments. Everything I hear puts a smile on my face.

At $399, it’s a steal.

I’m in a relatively small home theater space  – 20′ X 60′. If your home theater is bigger you may need to consider the T1+ or T2+.

Call Emotiva at (615) 790-6754. They’re happy to spend time making sure you get the right speakers.

A Word About The Review

Emotiva did not sponsor, pay for, or provide any equipment for this review.

I own all the equipment used for testing including the amazing XMC-2 sound processor and the highly capable UPA-700 amplifier.

I hope you get to check them out.

Have a great week.

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