Apple loves to add surprise features.

Full screen mode is a perfect example. Accidentally push the wrong button and your toolbar and dock disappear.

If this happens… escape instructions can be found here – When Things Disappear – Bizarre Mac Screen Problems

If you updated to OS X 10.10 Yosemite, you may have noticed that full screen mode works a little differently.

The Green Button

At the top left-hand corner of every window are 3 buttons: red, orange and green.

Red, Orange, Green Button in Yosemite

In the past, clicking the green button made the window larger.

In Yosemite, clicking the green button puts the window in full screen mode.

macOS Fullscreen mode

Getting Out Of Full Screen Mode in Yosemite

  • Push your cursor against the top of the screen. Doing this causes the toolbar to drop down.
macOS Exiting fullscreen mode
  • With the toolbar visible, you can see the red, orange and green buttons in the left-hand corner
  • Click the green button to exit full screen mode.

Filling The Screen Without Using Full Screen Mode

It is possible to make the window fill the screen and leave both the toolbar and the dock visible.

Simply hold the Option key down as you click the green button.

The Option Key On The Mac Keyboard

That’s it 🙂

Have a great full screen free weekend.

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