If you find it hard to read text on the Mac, iPad, or iPhone there’s a simple way to fix this. 

On The Mac

  • Go to the Black Apple in the top left-hand corner.
  • Choose System Preferences.
  • Click on Displays.
  • Change Resolution from Default for Display to Scaled.
  • Click the boxes to choose either Larger Text or More Space (smaller text).
Mac Display Preferences

On The iPad And iPhone

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Tap Text Size.
  • Move the slider left or right to increase or decrease text size.
iPhone Text Size Slider

On the Mac, adjusting the display resolution impacts the size of every element on the screen. On the iPad and iPhone only Apps that support Dynamic Type, like Apple Mail or Safari, will be affected by any change you make.

Other Useful Tips

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